The Californias

Antique-CA-Baja-MapCalifornia is a fictitious wonderland, coined by the original conquistadores of the Americas who, referencing the novel, Las Sergas de Esplandián by Garci Rodríguez de Montalvo, dreamed up spectacular visions of the mysterious land that continues to keep undiscovered secrets.

Los Californias is the land extending inland from the pacific for days. Los Californias are both a terriories with borders and lands with allure. The Californias are a place where it’s inhabitants are, far and wide, graced by a great fascination with their dynamic environment, a global siren to the traveler.

Today, The Californias, restricted by map-lines, are no different than they were, except by paper. We invite you to embrace the endeavor and engage The Californias as apart of yourself, you brave bold golden adventurer.

The is a consortium of community members, artisans, vendors, manufacturers, and customers who seek out the finest in Californian goods and services. We propose to offer, in our adventure, the precious relics of this place we call home.