While we didn’t keep copious notes at the beginning, I think we can all still remember the early days. This is the beginning of our log rebuilding a classic Triumph TR6 Roadster from the ground up… well, more like from the chassis out, then down, then up.

The youngest mechanic on the project was often left to sweep floors, pick up parts, prepare the toxic/non-toxic degreaser soak buckets, and generally self-educate on the topic. But through it all, these tasks were performed with a constant eye on the team at large. Let’s assume he remembers how it came apart.

In late 2009, the project moved to the newly built shop. In fact, it was so new, that it wasn’t even finished yet. We stuffed the parts into boxes and rolled the frame and chassis into trucks and moved into the space anyway.

Eight years later, the shop is mostly complete and the floors are cleaner. We have running water, a toilet, laundry, our tools and parts racks and cleared out a great deal of clutter that once plagued any momentum. and the refurbished motor, slumbering beneath it’s dust cover, is eager for daylight.

So now it’s time to restart this long-stalled project. It’s Day 1… Again.

Log Book

Current state of the project based on memory


Frame Rear Differential Attachment Point Reinforced
Frame Repainted
Suspension Installed
Forward Sway Bar Installed
Brake Lines Painted
Brake Lines Installed
Brake Disks/Calipers Installed
Tires Installed


Reconditioned (off-site)